All services come with a 12 month / Unlimited mileage warranty.

6.0 Powerstroke Prices: (all prices include labor, sales tax extra)

Cab Pull & Replace Factory Bolts with ARP Headstuds $1,800

Add-ons: (These prices are only valid as added to cab pull services)

Replace Oil Cooler


Modify EGR Cooler


Pull Heads, Machine Flat, New Gaskets


SCT 3015 Tuner (Needed with EGR Cooler Mods)


Clean Turbo Vanes on the Turbo


Install Straight Pipe 4″ Turbo Back Exhaust, No Tip


• Add Muffler to Straight Pipe Exhaust


• Add 5″ Exhaust Tip to Exhaust


Remove Injectors & Rebuild (Replace Broken Parts – Extra)


Modify Injectors Internals to Higher Fuel Rating


50% Over Injector Nozzles


75% Over Injector Nozzles


100% Over Injector Nozzles


Replacement Fuel Injector (Each)


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EGR Cooler Delete and Oil Cooler Replacement

One of the major problems with the 6.0 is the EGR Cooler and Oil Cooler. With this service we install our exclusive EGR cooler delete and a new Ford oil cooler. With this Service you will eliminate these problem area, the engine coolant temps will run cooler and you will also see an increase in fuel economy.   Egr Coolers are the #1 problem with the 6.0 Powerstroke.  Do this before it causes injector problems or blown head gaskets.

6.4 Powerstroke “Diesel Dr. Dual Fueler” complete package.

This package includes:  New Siemens VDO pump, New Injector nozzles of your choice (30%, 60%, 100%) , Air Dog 165, New alternator, Diesel Dr. Ported intake manifold, Low pressure fuel mods, and all other parts and labor. This is for a Diesel Dr. Dual Fueler kit installed at our shop. This is the exclusive kit that fuels many of the highest horsepower fuel only Powerstrokes in the country. This install will include all parts and labor to install this onto your running truck.  This service will include a brand new Siemens pump istalled in the valley of your truck and your stock one moved to the belt driven position.  This is the only setup that is proven to maintain rail pressure with injectors of 150% over and larger. This is the only kit on the market that the truck looks virtually stock, many people will not even know that you have this on your truck until they feel the power. Truck must have a stock Ford HPFP and stock HP fuel rails.

6.6 Duramax Head Studs Install

ARP Head Studs, Pressure test and Machine Heads Flat, new Head Gaskets, plus all other parts and labor.