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Diesel Dr. Front Hub Drive Flange Kit


Product Description

If you Drag race or sled pull your 2005 or newer Ford truck then you know that front end needs some modifications to make it work right.  The two major problems are front end hopping and breaking front lock out hubs.  Diesel Dr. has come up with the solutions for both or these problems.

The front locking hubs on the 2005 and newer trucks are very weak.  There was not an aftermarket answer for this problem until now.  This Diesel Dr. Drive Flange Kit will replace the weak factory locking hubs with an unbreakable gear.  Your hubs will be locked in solid with the kit installed so this is not designed to be street driving while installed. These parts can be installed and removed in a matter of minutes so they can be put in at the pull and removed later. Usually it seems that when a front hub breaks the rest of the drivetrain will get a shock load and break other parts.  The Diesel Dr. Drive FLange Kit will pay for itself in a very short time.


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