FICM Repair

Product Description

This is a repair service for your Ford Super Duty fuel injection control module for a no start / rough start condition or the P0611 error code. This fault can also trigger low voltage on the injectors causing

The Codes: P0261, P0264, P0267, P0270, P0273, P0276, P0279 & P0282.

We repair and upgrade the ROOT CAUSE of the failure. The benefit of this repair service is not only saving hundreds of dollars, but also there is NO NEED TO REPROGRAM YOUR FICM! Just bolt it back on  and you’re back in business!

It is only a matter of time until the ficm on your 6.0 powerstroke will fail.  We know what fails in ficm and can replace the weak parts with upgraded parts before they fail.  We also upgrade all ficms to the higher voltage that is dyno proven to give more power and will also help offset some of the 6.0 injector stiction problems.

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Also look to us to rebuild your injectors.


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