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6.0 Ported Intake Manifold

$859.00 $699.99

For further options, please read description below, see bottom of page to add core fee is not sending in your intake first.

Product Description

6.0 Ported intake manifold. $100 core fee if you don’t send in your intake first. Please see additional products at bottom of this page to add core fee if needed.

If you are doing any upgrades to your 6.0 Powerstroke diesel then you need a Ported Intake Manifold.  For ease of assembly at the factory there are tubes that are molded into the intake.  These tubes along with a few other areas in the neck block the air flow going to the heads.  It has been tested that there can be over a 20% difference in air flow from the front of the intake to the back.  Opening up these intakes will ensure that air is able to equally get to the front and back cylinders.  Help your engine breath better with increased air flow. Base price for these intakes is for removing the stand tubes and fully porting the inside of the intake. All other options are extra.

You will see an increase in torque and horsepower, a reduction in EGT, and noticeable turbo spool up improvement!  Based on price, quality and function there is no comparison in this intake, this is the #1 intake on the market.

These intakes use o-ring boss plugs to prevent leaking.

These performance 6.0 intakes come powdercoated black and have the egr mount still on the intake so that the valve can be installed.  If you are happy with this, there is no need to contact us.  If you need any additional features or international shipping then please contact us.

6.0 Powerstroke ported manifold:

  • Remove the EGR Components in the front.  $200
  • Welded shut EGR cooler bolted in place for factory look.  $50.
  • Black Powdercoating included.  Most colors available for $50 extra.



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