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Ported Intake Manifold

$799.00 $650.00

For further options, please read description below and contact us before buying.

Product Description

Ported intake manifold.

No core fee!!!

If you are doing any upgrades to your 6.0 and 6.4 powerstroke diesel then you need Ported Intake Manifolds.  For ease of assembly at the factory there are tubes that are molded into the intake.  These tubes block the air flow going to the heads.  It has been tested that there can be over a 20% difference in air flow from the front of the intake to the back.  Opening up these intakes will ensure that air is able to equally get to the back cylinders.  Help your engine last longer with better air flow. Base price for these intakes is for removing the stand tubes and fully porting the inside of the intake. All other options are extra.

These intakes use Stainless steel o-ring boss plugs to prevent leaking.  We will also buy back your old intake if you are interested.

6.4 Powerstroke ported manifold:

  • Remove the dent in the front.  $100. (If this dent is removed then you will need a fuel bowl delete or need to shim your fuel bowl up.)
  • Powdercoating $50.  Most colors available.  Some colors may be extra.
  • Starting with a brand new Ford intake.  $150

6.0 Powerstroke ported manifold:

  • Remove the EGR Components in the front.  $100
  • Solid Up-pipe for EGR removed intake  $90
  • Welded shut EGR cooler bolted in place for factory look.  $50.
  • Powdercoating $50.  Most colors available.  Some colors may be extra.